Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Disease Update from Little Hands

COVID-19 Policies 3/14/2020 Dear Families I am writing to inform families of new policies that must be in place with concerns about the spread of the coronavirus. After speaking to the Department of HHS it is in the best interest of the children and their families to close if the Burleson & Joshua school district and cancels school for a significant amount of time. As of now, our daycare remains low risk but as the virus spreads it is incredibly important that the general public does their best to help contain the virus and avoid the spread. I will not close as long as Texas Health & Human Services lets me keep my doors open and I feel as though all my babies are in no harm and subject to change if the virus progresses in our community. I am aware that in the event this happens my families will be in a bind. Please do your best to prepare now vs later. I ask that parents please drop off and pick up within your work schedules as viruses often display symptoms suddenly. I expect parents to pick up their children on the way home from work until things settle down. Please leave all blankets, stuffed animals, car seats, backpacks and toys at home. Only MUST haves for daycare!! Upon entering the childcare each child will be asked to wash their hands immediately. Please let me know when you are on your way home from work (call the center and NOT my cell. At 817-556-2500 so I can have your child wash their hands and get dressed to leave, get their paperwork, put them in their coats. If at all possible I would like to send your child out the door without parents entering the childcare. This will help keep potential viruses out not in. Please be diligent and be aware of symptoms such as a runny nose, fever, and cough. If possible keep your child home with symptoms that seem more than the common cold. If anyone in the home has flu-like symptoms your child must stay home to avoid the spread of harmful viruses. Payment details will be decided at a later date. Please remember that potentially closing for more than 24 hours puts all of us in a bind. I will do my best for all of us. Closing is not negotiable if there is a threat to our community. Please be mindful that this potentially deeply affects me as well as all my employees. If the threat progresses policies will be re-evaluated. Policies are subject to change. Parents please don’t get to worried about how and who will be watching your children while you work( Don’t Panic) daycares more than likely will not shut down. We are the backbone of this country. If we shut down millions of medical emergency professionals cannot get to work. This is what other countries are seeing and they are learning from this and they know they cannot do this. So please, know we will take all precautions. I am bringing in extra cleaning this weekend to prepare to open Monday we’re the facility is extra sterilized. Thank you for your continued support, Cher-Cher Center 817-556-2500 Cell 817-233-8423

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